Es Teler (Drunken Ice)

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                           es teler

A great dessert to close the dinner in Indonesia would be this drunken ice! This dessert does not contain any alcohol at all, so don’t be afraid to try this drunken ice! This drunken ice is a mixture of shaved ice, avocado, sweet pearls (jellies), mangoes and more of your preferred toppings! Only for approximately $2 AUD you can already taste one of the best desserts you could ever find in Indonesia! You can find this dessert at the location that I post below! Leave comments or suggestions below on your experience tasting this drunken ice! Tell me more of what I should consider to post on my next post!


Es Podeng (Podeng Ice)

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One the best and most iconic ice cream originated from Indonesia that everyone must try! This ice cream has magnificent combination of bread, ice cream, avocado, peanut, chocolate sprinkles, jellies and red beans. Only with $2 AUD you can eat a cup of delicious dessert that will make you miss Indonesia a lot! The best of Podeng Ice can be found at the restaurant location I posted below. Be sure to check this place out because I guarantee you, you will not regret eating this! Leave a like, comments or suggestions on what else you think is your best ice cream you found when you’re in Indonesia!

Bebek Tepi Sawah (Edge of The Field Duck)

bebek tempat makan

This duck culinary is probably one of the famous delicacy in Indonesia. Specifically originated from Ubud, Bali. This fried duck comes with rice, vegetables, some Indonesian chips, three different spicy chilly and skewered meat with the dish! Very affordable price that range from $5 AUD to $6AUD and you can already fill your tummy to its maximum capacity! Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on what you think about this food and if you’re interested to know where else you can find this food!

Tahu Gejrot (Tofu Gejrot)

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A Heavenly tasty dish with tofu and Indonesian spices that makes everyone craves for it! You can found this dish almost anywhere in a Javanese Restaurant in Indonesia or even famous hotels in Jakarta! Recommended for Lunch/Dinner for spicy lovers! Price range from $2 AUD to $3 AUD! Like and leave suggestions of what more foods you wish to know about Indonesia culinary, where to get the foods and more details!

Nasi Goreng Gila (Crazy Fried Rice)




The most iconic Fried Rice in Jakarta that you must try! With only $2 AUD you can fill up your empty stomach with delicious delicacy! The spiciness of this Fried Rice will make your tongue dance for a week! Checkout the locations I posted on this post! Leave comments or suggestions on what else you know or want to know about Indonesian foods!